Mecanum Wheel Project

The project I have done with Mecanum wheels.

Mecanum wheels are really wonderfully designed wheels. It consists of small idle wheels that are placed at 45 degrees on a body. Those who want to know more about the wheel structure and details can find more detailed information on the internet.

On these wheels, you must turn back and forth left or right and to rotate 360 ​​degrees where it is, you just need to give the wheels the independent way back and forth. There are no front or rear directional wheels like normal wheels.

I want to answer some people’s questions here.

Can the Macanum wheels go uphill? is the downhill sliding down?

No. As the small castors on the wheels have angles of 45 degrees and are positioned opposite the wheel at 45 degrees, the slope may descend.

I did it remotely controlled to get fancy. I used 20 relays instead of using PLC =)

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